Hiperwall is an ultra-high resolution software package which is scalable in size and eliminates costly servers, matrix switches and distributors. It enables customers to connect an infinite number of sources to a video wall or projector screen and freely determine size and position of its content. Hiperwall also provides advanced capabilities like zoom, rotation, shading and transparency, enabling users to examine content with increased flexibility and effectiveness. Content can be saved as environments and restored on demand, grouped into slideshows, or scheduled to appear at present time.

Key Applications:

Command and control centers, public safety, aerial surveillance, military operations, scientific imaging, trading floors, fleet management, manufacturing control systems, medical imaging, digital signage.

Hiperwall consists of up to four  main components, two of which are always needed. Each display or projector needs a PC and all components are connected via a gigabit switch.



  • Control Licence - manages the entire Hiperwall installation
  • Display Licence - combination of a display/projector and its controlling PC



  • Sender Licence - enables to eproduce the screen of a PC as a content object on the video wall
  • Streamer Licence - allows to show streaming content on the video wall or projection screen
  • Secondary Controller Licence - provides powerful control capabilities to the display or projection screen – new on Hiperwall 2.0
  • Sender Extra Windows Licence - supports multiple sender windows per sender PC – new on Hiperwall 2.0
  • Streamer Extra Stream Licence - adds a third type of video stream – new on Hiperwall 2.0