The time has come to click the button

ClickShare is the answer to a lot of today’s technical issues in meeting rooms. Say goodbye to the feelings of frustration we all endured when technology fails, and welcome the one click wonder, which will make meetings actually something to look forward to.

A solution to an issue we all recognize…

Cables: they are often the biggest enemies of presenters. That is why we developed ClickShare. It not only resolves all issues with cabling, but also introduces better collaboration, better connectivity, and simplicity. More satisfying meetings is the logical result.

More confident presenters

Click and you’re on-screen. It’s that simple. No matter how sophisticated the AV equipment in the room seems, ClickShare handles all of the technology overhead for you. No matter if you are a Mac or a PC user. This allows people to present with confidence – without worrying about technical issues.

Collaboration made easy

ClickShare introduces meeting room democracy – where everyone has the opportunity to be on-screen. Up to four people simultaneously. This enhanced collaboration will change meeting dynamics forever.

Always the right resolution

Connecting a ClickShare Button to your laptop does not change your screen resolution. The days of weird-looking screens produced by re-connecting a video cable are over. ClickShare’s intelligence makes optimal use of both the laptop’s and the AV system’s highest resolution to display the sharpest possible images on-screen.

Make a great impression

ClickShare couples usability with good looks. Every time you use it, you get the great impression you had the first time you saw it. Just imagine how this will boost your company image. With ClickShare, reluctance to switch the cable shifts into eagerness to click the button!

More than PowerPoint

Sure, ClickShare can immediately put your presentation on the meeting room display. But why stop there? Show a high-resolution still image? No problem – your laptop resolution is transferred to the AV system. What about spicing things up with a video clip? ClickShare can handle it (Supporting frame rates of up to 20 fps).

And sound? Channel it through the meeting room’s audio system, not just through those tiny speakers built into your laptop.